Where Your Money Goes

The work we do would not be possible without the incredible generosity of our community, aligned service agencies and community-minded business partners. It is through their support and feedback that we have formed this foundation.

With community involvement, we have defined a list of initiatives that have been formed based on focus group data collected and through review of community needs assessments for both Martin and St. Lucie Counties.

Donations made to The Bridge Effect Foundation will support long-term solutions toward the reduction of social tensions within Florida’s communities. There are three ways to donate:

Direct Initiative Donations:

Donors interested in a specific initiative may donate directly to any one of the 2017 TBEF initiatives described below. Received funds donated in this manner will be allocated solely to these programs and will not support either the General or Endowment funds. A list of direct-funding initiative options are listed below:

  • TensionTrac, a community social tension tracking and forecasting program
  • The Lindsay Center for the Performing Arts Fund, a fund to create a crisis de-escalation center focused on redirecting children and their families from anxiety-drivers to the performing arts.
  • Free Crisis De-escalation training for community members and families in need
  • To support crisis de-escalation training and innovation for law enforcement, healthcare, education and behavioral care agencies
  • C.U.F.F.S. or ”Cops United For Friendly Service” program
  • C.A.R.E. or “Community Ambassadors Recognized for Excellence” program

TBEF General Fund:

The TBEF General Fund is the "Keep the doors open and the lights on" funding source for all foundation activities. We use General Funds to support foundation-wide services such as the website, advertising, administration costs and professional service expenses (e.g. legal, insurance, financial fees). General funds also, when necessary, support the campaigns where enough direct funding has not been raised, but the community need is great enought to merit "life support" being provided to keep the service running.

Endowment Fund:

For donors wanting their donation to help the foundation forever, a donation to the Endowment Fund assures that the funds donated are permanently retained and secured to provide interest revenues annually into the TBEF General Fund. A one-time donation to the enowment fund of one thousand dollars into an endowment fund receiving an annual interest rate of 1.25%, for example, provides ten dollars toward the general fund annually, while also adding two dollars and fifty cents to the endowment fund for the next year. Therefore, in ten years, that original $1000 would have donated $100 dollars to the general fund, with the endowment now at $1049.76 and still growing.

For more information about how donated funds support our cause, read our Annual Reports or our more detailed Financial Statements. Also be sure to visit and peruse our Program data validation methods and proposed data capture models.


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