About Us

The Bridge Effect Foundation, Inc., was formed as a countermeasure to current media practices and the purposeful, active escalation of our communities' anxieties, fears, and tension levels.
Why Focus on Reducing Anxiety?
Anxiety and tension have significant effects on a community's safety, its citizen's health, and the overall quality of life. Our goals are to:
  • Identify when and specifically where tensions are present and communicate them to local government
  • Focus government and locally-raised funds where service is needed most
  • Develop, support, and deliver positive-media-generating community engagement events to directly offset negative community media images, thereby directly reducing the media-tension-escalation effect. This will have a positive by-product of delivering enjoyable, community events at which service providers and their served populations will have an opportunity to interact in a stress-free non-job-related environment.
  • Support the development and provision of crisis de-escalation training to the community and their service providers to reduce the negative effects of crisis events before they occur.
What We Hope to Accomplish:
The Foundation's long-term vision is to provide national leadership with a constant source of subjective tension-level data that supports objective, data-driven decision making, while at the same time actively reducing community tensions nation-wide.
Both objective and subjective data is vital to understanding the community's needs and to develop sustainable solutions to social tension. We can help find solutions by creating a peer-reviewed, highly accurate tension assessment and tracking system. To be accurate, this assessment must be done in collaboration with diverse stakeholders, and by partnering with local community agencies.
We will continue to work toward the day when our citizens have peace of mind and are proactively maintaining a safe, thriving, tension-resilient community.
How Will We Accomplish These Goals?
Every year, we review our Strategic Roadmap. The Roadmap guides our daily work, continuously assuring we remain aligned with our vision, mission, and values. Please visit our 2020 Strategic Roadmap on Our Strategy Link.