2018 Community Advisory Board Members

Robert Campbell | Chair, Community Crisis De-Escalation Training Campaign

Robert Campell is the Chief Product Manager for Crisis Intervention Associates, Inc., a crisis de-escalation training company located in Port St. Lucie, Fla.
Robert has been working in Social Services close to 20 years.  His commitment to the field has led him to working with individuals involved in mental health, substance abuse and the elderly. 
For years, Robert has worked in the forensic behavioral treatment field with teams to assist committed psychiatric males to become mentally stable enough to restore them to competency for court precedings. These teams assist the patient to regain the mental capacity to understand their pending charges.  

Robert has served as a supervisor overseeing 15-20 therapists at a time.  Presently, as a way to give back to the field, he supervises Master level interns for various colleges seeking graduate degrees.  His dedication to the field of Social Services has driven his passion to find ways to better serve the community.  Since coming to Crisis Intervention Associates, Inc., he has shown himself to be an invaluable mentor.

Robert’s philosophy:  “Never be afraid of new experiences in the field of Social Services, you never know whose life will benefit more. -- R. Campbell, MSW”

Melissa McInturff | Chair, Community PSL Rocks Campaign

Advocate.  Rescuer.  Community Ambassador.
Melissa is an Administrator for Southeast Florida Behavioral Health Network; the fund source for Substance Abuse and Mental Health funding for the Treasure Coast, Okeechobee and Palm Beach Counties. 

Melissa became a “people advocate” during her ten plus years at the Department of Children and Families.  For the last 5 years, she has served in many different volunteer capacities for Rescue Adoption, Inc. a local, non-profit, animal rescue. 
Most recently, Melissa created the Facebook group, PSL “Rocks.”  PSL “Rocks” is a 16k+ member strong community page.  Members of PSL “ROCKS” paint and hide rocks all over the City of Port Saint Lucie and its surrounding areas in an effort to inspire kindness and promote a positive community environment.

Anthony Pastorini, Chair, Data Analytics, TensionTrac

Anthony Pastorini, Analytics Chair
Anthony  is the CEO of Mobius Consulting Group, Inc., Port St. Lucie, FL.
Mr. Pastorini leads one of TBEF's most vital projects, the creation of a tension-measuring and tracking system for our community.
With experience ranging from engineering to data analysis and marketing, Anthony Pastorini founded Mobius Consulting Group with the goal to provide solution services to any organization that wants to improve its business intelligence. His education and experience allows him to view company problems from an external paradigm. Anthony has been trained to quantify aspects of business that allow him to help build a  stronger community infrastructure; increasing  non-profit logistical efficiency.

Janice Greller, President, NAMI of Martin County

Janice Greller has been a strong supporter of the Bridge Effect since the first month of our operation. NAMI of Martin County has been a force in the community advocating support for mental health and care since 1989. NAMI Martin County has partnered with The Bridge Effect Foundation, Inc., to spread the need for stigma reduction for the mentally ill, to communicate the awareness of the dramatic increases in identified sufferers of mental illnesses in our community, and the need for increase service support. For information on NAMI Martin County, visit their web page.