The Team

Scott Armstrong | President, CEO

Armstrong with RL10 Rocket Engine
For more than twenty years of serving not-for-profit organizations, Scott Armstrong has had a single vision -- to find and support causes that inspire and generate positive community change.
He began his education at Northwestern University seeking a music performance degree, but changed colleges and degree paths to focus on technology and business applications. He has Bachelor of Arts degrees in Business Administration and Marketing, and received a Master of Science degree in Quality Systems Management through the United Technologies Corporation partnership with the National Graduate School of Quality Management in Falmouth, Mass, where he also received his Lean Six-Sigma Blackbelt certification.
For the past seven years, he has held Continuous Improvement and Agile leadership roles in healthcare organizations, serving in positions such as the Director of Innovation & Improvement for Jupiter Medical Center, and as the National Product Owner for Optima Healthcare Solutions, Inc. Clinisign (TM) product line. He currently holds the positions of President and Chief Experience Officer for The Bridge Effect Foundation, President of Armstrong Diversified Holdings Corporation, Inc., and as Administrator, Performance Improvement & Compliance, for Correct Care Recovery Solutions, Inc., at their Treasure Coast Facility.
From 1996 to present, Scott has served non-profit endeavors from the Martin County Business Development Board's Community Advisory Board, to serving as President of the University of Florida Martin County Alumni Club. While working as a Communication Specialist with Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne Space Propulsion in West Palm Beach, he was a four-year committee member to the UTC WPB United Way Giving Campaign, and was the Communications Director for the Palm Beach Chapter of the American Institute of Aeronautics & Astronautics in 2012. Scott currently is a Board Member of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) affiliate chapter in Martin County, Fla.
His vision is to identify the root causes of the tensions within our community and communicate the service gaps they cause on a consistent basis to our community-serving agencies. By understanding what is causing these tensions, we can stop providing symptom relief and start providing root-cause-eliminating solutions.
What if we could fight child hunger and obesity with free, locally grown produce provided to our schools? Or fight depression and anxiety by simply painting rocks? How can we provide increased family and personal safety through the provision of free crisis de-escalation training to the community and service providers alike?
These are just a few of the proactive concepts derived from simply asking our community their concerns, and discovering how together we can make our community better.

James G. Lamb | Secretary, VP of Development

Jim has a wide range of experience collaborating with and developing partnerships with national brands; as a Channel Manager for AT&T, his knowledge of current technology trends, data modeling methods and network design will be critical in the formation of the National Bridge Effect Strategic Deployment Plan. Jim joined the Bridge Effect in February, 2017.
As a University of Florida Alumni, he was seeking a degree in Aeronautical Engineering, when the high-speed  internet became available to the public. Jim left school to accept a position as the National Sales Director for Internet Connect Company, Inc., one of the first privately-owned internet-access provider companies to operate in Gainesville, Fla.
The company was ranked in Florida Trend's Top 100 fastest-growing companies from 1999 through 2001, and was recognized in 2000 by Inc. Magazine as one of the 500 fastest-growing tech companies in the nation, under its new brand, Atlantic.Net
Jim will be bringing that entrepenurial spirit to The Bridge Effect Foundation, Inc., and leading efforts to partner with business and corporate sponsors.

Cindy Bridges, Director of Child & Family Initiatives

Cindy Bridges is a graduate of Nova Southeastern University. Her background in dance started at the age of three. Cindy has worked in human services and education for the last six years, and has devoted her life to helping needy children and their families. Cindy is extremely passionate about the children and homeless in St. Lucie County. After joining TBEF as a volunteer in 2016, she quickly rose through the ranks through her exceptional work ethic and dauntless commitment to making St. Lucie County a healthier, safer place to live. In March of 2018, Cindy was invited to join the Board of Directors for the Bridge Effect Foundation in recognition of her commitment to the community.